Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nile Crocodiles

These huge crocodiles weigh up to 2200 pounds and can reach up to 18 ft. long.  They can live up to 75 yrs and possibly up to 100.  There are 3 species of crocodiles.  Crocodiles are unmistakable with a tail that is 40% of the total length and has raised dorsal keels.  The body is covered by a large bony plate. 

Crocks have 66 peg like teeth adapted to grabbing hold of their prey.  Their eyes are valved  nostrils and are situated on the top of the head allowing them to make stealthy approach through the water.  They have short legs with webbed hind ft and the adult ones are a uniform dark olive to gray colour  with a yellow or cream belly.  They say that crocks and alligators are the closet living relatives of the dinosaurs.  They have advanced brains and hearts.

These are the remains of animals that the crocks have surprised as they were drinking water.

In this particular picture was an area that was just below the bridge and in very shallow water. They sneak upon their prey and with their jaws so wide they can get you before the animal is aware they are even around

They head toward shore and their they will sun themselves till the sun gets too hot.

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