Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chimgamwa Branch

This is the baptismal font at the Chimgamwa Branch, it is just a tank outside their building.

This is Schola Ksticah a guard at the church who is being taught by the missionaries.  She is reading and studying her Book of Mormom

This is the Chimgamwa Branch church. 

Primary Class at Mombasa Open House

The Primary President Sister Jael Mwambere held a class for the primary age kids.  They had so much fun.  She is so talented with the little ones.  This is one of the games played , where you put flour in a cup like sand and turn it over so it looks like a steeple and it molds really well with all the humidity in the air.  They put on top a candy and then they had the children slice the sides and when it finally fell the one who made it fall had to go down in the flour with their mouth and retrieve the candy. 

Open House At The Mombasa Branch

We had an Open House at the Mombasa Branch with members who were encouraged to bring an Investigator.  It was a huge success.  The different classes held were the Book Of Mormon class instructed by the Missionaries.  The next class was a Family Home Evening class that we taught.  The other class was a family history class, taught by the Elder's Quorum President, and the last class was the Restoration also taught by the Elders.  We went in groups from class to class and was given 20 min. in each class.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Primary President: Olivia Malande and 1st councilor Rose Kapinga
Sisters: Olivia Malande, Josephine Opon, and sister Rose Kapinga
Sister Florence Kanazi taking a break from cooking.  We laughed a lot

Olivia Malande-RS president and sister Josephine Opon who is a member.

We went to Bamburri and found out that it was homemaking day.  These are the sweet sisters I cooked with.The Relief Society President and 2 sisters from the primary and a member .

This first one is Relief Society President sister Florence cooking on a charcoal stove called a Jiko.  This how they cook at their homes.  They have no ovens

Every Sat. a few of the members come and clean the church for church service the next day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some People In Our Area

This banana tree is out side our veranda then also we have a coconut tree too
A view of the neighbors back yard from our veranda
this is also taken from the veranda over looking the boat dock

This next pic is of the entrance to the chapel, notice the sign

This is the wall around the chapel, it is embedded with broken bottles hoping to keep out intruders

This is a pic of the branch president in Banburi .  His name is Dolo Raphael Makaz

This is David from the Changamwa Branch.  He is the ward Clerk there.  He also has an enginer decree.  He can do plumbing and electrical  work which he has been doing at the flat.  He also works at the airport in baggage.  He makes very little.  He makes $70 a month.  Such a nice guy, he has a wife and a daughter and is very active in the church.  He wants us to learn Swahili .

The Flat

It may be hard to see up up close they are a lot bigger.  This is a gecko.Larry says they don't bother humans but when you see them climbing around your wall it gives me the hebby gebbies

The fruits and Veg. we get at the store have to be Jik'd before using.  This means they have to be washed in water with Clorox in it.  Suppose to take out the bugs and be more healthy.  You don't have to do banana's

This is a picture of the living room.  It is a nicer part of the house.

 This dining room hooks on to the living room and will seat 10-12

                                                                                        This is the office

       The kitchen from a couple views                                              

                                            guest bedroom with netting tied above
master bedroom with netting over bed at night

Friday, June 7, 2013

Elders in our District

Elder Dimingu he's from Africa
Elder Marbles he's from Utah
Elder Harris he's from Utah
Elder Bouke from Africa
Elder Rakotonalala (Rondo) from Madagascar
Elder Lyons from Utah (district leader)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This was from our first safari.  The sign entering into the safari area and some flowers that were so pretty.  Africa is really pretty in some places

We were driving back from Bamburi after grocery shopping. It had rained. This is showing you how bad the traffic is and how the people rain or shine are out in their shops along the road. They sell things like furniture, clothes, shoes, food, sugar cane, bottles of water and just anything they can. 
The traffic is bumper to bumper. There is no stop signs, lights or road signs. You keep up or they hit into you. People are walking across the streets while everyone is moving. It's crazy. There is garbage everywhere and this one beats them all, its got people and animals going through it, it makes you sick just seeing it.