Sunday, October 27, 2013

Home Garden

We actually decided to plant some vegetables and some flowers from some seed we brought from home.  The flowers did the best.  We are now at our new flat and we will see if they grow any better.  Also this is Larry's new look.  He has slimmed down a lot and he's a trooper at exercising everyday.  He hated for me to brag about him but I'm so proud of him

Coconut Tree Climbers

These are professional tree climbers who go up and knock all the coconuts down.  It was fascinating to watch.  This was from our old flat's balcony.  It's amazing how tall these tree's actually get.

Elder's Talents

This is Elder Lawaba one of the new Elder's.  He is companion with Elder Lyons.  He loves to teach and he loved the writings I brought from home.  He wants some he says.
Elder Kakarie wanted to learn piano and someone gave him a book and he now plays hymns.  He practices every time we have DDM at our flat.