Sunday, November 17, 2013

Missionary Update

We just got word today that no new junior missionaries will be sent to the mission. This does not affect senior missionaries how ever.This is because the government is no longer issuing visas. So any new missionaries can only come from Kenya.WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why we are here we love the people here and they so need to be taught to govern themselves . It may be that they can not rely on the missionaries to do for them they will have to do fore them selves. Our last US missionary was transferd today .It is kind of a lonesome responsibility. We are kind of isolated especially if more of the Elders are taken. It was great to be around other senior missionaries last week in Nairobi.We are kind of on are own . We are safe and feel no threat from terrorist or the government. I believe that Satan is working hard to stop the work here. Just like he did in Joseph Smiths time little does he know that he cannot win . Just like he thought if Joseph Smith was destroyed that the church would die it didn't work and if we don't get more missionaries the work will not die here either!! It does give us alot do do so we can get the saints here to be self reliant.  We however need your faith and prayers so we will have the strength that is needed. We love and pray for you Elder and Sister Palmer

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