Friday, May 30, 2014

                                            These pictures show the poverty of the people in Chyulu.
We went visiting all the widows and their families and took boxes of food and clothing.

They live so humbly but are strong members of the church.  Many mothers are very young and have lost their husbands to some sort of accidents along the way.  Was the greates day !

Thursday, May 29, 2014

These are gardens in Chyulu.

This shows oxen plowing the corn fields by hand.

Chyulu has no power and no modern conviences but everybody survives off their gardens.  

This necklace and doll was made by sister Goatcher for the children there

This was sister Goatcher and myself shopping at the Duka.

The streets in Chyulu is lined with Duka's and fun shopping.

This is the chapel in Chyulu with Goatchers.

This is where Elder Goatcher is Branch President.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

There was another little girl who was baptized by her father and the birthday girl was baptized by Hunter Sabreois who is one of the Mzoongo families living in that branch.  Fun day !

This was a baptism of two little friends in Mombasa Branch.  The mom was celebrating the little girls birthday and brought a cake for the kids.  

This is our last 5 before transfers.  Great group of missionaries.

Elder Ladwaba goofing off as usia

Elder Kakarri enjoying his last treat before transfers.  Love these guys

Elder Kisekka and Elder Thipe fighting over the goodies

This is Sister Janet from  Changamwe who is painting one of the giraffe's.

The wood comes in chunks and they had me sawing some in half.

The Carver is showing his wares.

This is also a carver who makes these masks.  They are so talented and have such obsolete tools to carve with.

These 3 are Elder Kakarie. Elder Ladwaba and Elder Gideon ready to leave to go home. They all served fantastic missions. We miss them alot.

This is our last 5 Elder's we had. 
This is David Odera from the Mombasa Branch that got his mission call to Uganda. We and the missionareis were there when he opened his call. It was exciting to see how grateful he was to be going. Has no family support but will make a great missionary.

This is Elder Gwebo who was one of our funniest Elder's we had.  He was not able to get a work permit and was sent to Tanzania to serve.  He has now went home for a foot operation and will be coming back soon.  He was from So. Africa.  He was alot of fun and was a big guy.  We use to think he complained alot but we sure loved him.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Annete Makau who was put in Changamwe Primary president

Changamwe Branch Presidency who was put in Nov. 2013, Moses Musya Pres. 1st coun. David Kamau and 2nd coun. Peter Beper

Great tasting Kasovo chips made in a duka along side of the road. 

 Sign we seen on the back of a matautu.  Thought it was funnny

David who is an electrcian and plumber doing work at one of the missionary flats.  Great family and we love them and their next child is to be named Palmer Mgnllah if they have a boy

David & Queeter at her baptism, Feb. 15, 2014

David & Queeter with us at baptism

 David & Queeter and Baby Delight at our flat