Sunday, November 17, 2013

koins cont.

This is the watering hole for cooking, bathing and washing clothes.

This sign represents the school Elder Balls helped build.

This is Elder Balls and Elder Muwanguzi in front of the school house.  

 This is a beautiful place to visit and we will be bringing all the Elder's to help them out one day

We would just like to say that this area has so much potential for missionary work.  The people there are so willing to learn how to be self-sufficient so they are able to care for their families.  The area is tucked way back in the hills and far from any Duka's to purchase food.  With the training they are receiving from various groups who come in and help they will someday have their own grocery store.  Right now it's a learning process to help them provide for their families.  The thing I noticed most was it was the women who was out doing most of the work as the men lounged around visiting.  Elder Palmer said he's sure like to serve there and help out with their welding shop and woodwork shop.  He said there is so much potential there. I'm not sure I'm cut out to living in a mud and stick hut with no water or electricity.  It will be fun to come back with all the Elder's and do some service work.  The country side was most beautiful and lush and green. 

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