Friday, November 13, 2015

President Mwambere in Mombasa

In the streets after a rainy day in Mombasa

Elder Harris, this little girl loved him

This wasn't uncommon to see this driving down the Mombasa highway.The trucks along this road were old and could barely make it up the hills.

Sara in Machakos with her mother. They were investigating the church. 

The Chaka motel we stayed in for three nights every week until our apartment in Machakos was ready.

Peters family. A set of twins and a 13 year old daughter. The outfits they are wearing are the ones we bought for them so they could go to church without feeling ashamed.

Our housekeeper in Mombasa Martha

A young family that sold avacados along the road. You could buy a gunny sack full for seven dollars! They were so excited when we bought the whole sack.

sugar cane plants in Chimbeke

The hillside is tarrace shambas (garden)

The road to Ilima.

More farms or terrace gardens

Elder Harris in Chyulu. He loved the kids.

Duka in the hills. Outside grocery area. Where people bought their food.

Entrance into Machakos!

Tina- relief society president in Chimguamway

Janet and her daughter in Chimguamway. She was primary president.

In Machakos, the group meeting house. 

Group Meeting house. An old cement building that was a trade school. 

Hill in Machakos- they said if you walked around it seven times it would change your gender.

Along the hillside, dig the soil out to act as a mortar for their houses. Kinda like pumice.

young banana plants in the hills

Kilungo hills area