Sunday, September 29, 2013

White Wash

This is Elder Harris (US) and Elder Gedamu , both these Elder's were transferred from the same companionship, they call this a white wash.  They were replaced by Elder Kakaire and Elder Feleke.  We will miss Elder Harris and Elder Gedamu.  We took them to lunch before we took them to the bus station.   We are getting to know the new Elder's and appreciate them also.  It doesn't take long to learn to love them as well. 

Utah Family

This is Jason and Natalie Fareborne from Utah that are here on Business. They will be staying around 5 yrs if the business works. They have been here before and they selected to attend the Bamburi Branch and will be a great asset to that branch. They invited Elder Marbel (US) and Elder Gwebo and us for dinner one sunday afternoon. They have an African house keeper that lives with them that they bring to church and is interested in the gospel. She is a true believer of the bible but wanted to know why the Book of Mormon. Elder Gwebo explained about the book being another testament of Jesus Christ. They set up more appointments to teach her.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hello family and friends we are fine.There is always a threat for our safety but it is no different than around the rest of the world. We hear that a man was arrested in S.L.C who planned on going to city creek mall in S.L.C and shooting as many people as he could. Then going to a near by theater and shooting as many as he could there. So as you can see there is evil all around see all that goes on in the world . So much evil but there is also much good and righteousness in the world we see it every day here both ways but righteousness will prevail. you can see we are in the last days. So now is the time for us to prepare ourselves. So while there is much to stress over . There is much to rejoice over. Keep hope alive in you . We pray for all of you every day we love and miss you. Elder and Sister Palmer [Mom and Dad Grandpa Grandma Friend]

Westgate Mall

This is a senior couple that were at the westgate mall in Nairobi at the time of the attack.  We are fine but due to Kenya being close to Somali, there is always a terrorist threat to Kenya because they don't support the terrorists.  We are not in anymore danger than we would be in a US city.    Love Elder & Sister Palmer

Pictures at the Westgate Mall taken 9/21/2013 and put on BBC (we did not know) and the other is of Ryan and Amanda who were with us before they had to catch their plane back to the US (it was put on yahoo). Ryan is running on the left and Amanda is behind him in the dark pants. They ran to a corner in the Mall opposite to where we were and got out before us and we did not know where they were. They stopped a man in a car and ask him to take them to State House and he did and they got back to the apartment. We waited about 2 hours looking for them, and then we were called and told they were safe so we caught a cab to the apartment. Our truck is still in the top parking lot at the Mall. We were inside on the floor of a cafe for about an hour or hour and ½ with the shooting going on before we got out. We are OK.                                                 



Our Granddaughter Allison took this picture of our dog red.

Our Anniversary

New Church Site

The church has purchased this area of land and building to build a new church on. It will be wonderful to have this completed. The building they have now has no parking, which most walk anyway but is so small. This branch has a chance to grow when this is completed.

Country Side Homes

These pictures were taken along the back area of the many homes that most live in. Also the steep roads you climb to get to them. Most are accessed by walking only. You need to remember very few have transportation and walk where ever they go. Some for miles just to get to a Duka's (road side shops) to buy fresh produce. Their homes are comprised of sticks and mud with dirt floors and no electricity. They wash all their clothes by hand and have no inside toilets.

President Agonza

This is President Agonza and his family. He is president of the Changamwe Branch. They asked us to have lunch one day at their place. He lives kind of out in the country side and would love to be a farmer/butcher/water driller. This is his second wife of 6 years and she sure is a nice person. Had pilau (rice & meat mixtures) some stew, and salad. It was nice. They have one of the bigger homes we have seen since arriving here of any of the members.

Sister Eva

This is Sister Eva (RS president of Mombasa Branch), her husband Akram (who is a Muslim) and their family.  There son was away to college so we didn't get the whole family.   We had them over one night for pizza (which we ordered, which was 1/2 late getting here) but we sure had a good time.  Talked a lot of family and Akram's job.  He works at Tudor Sports just around the corner from us making boats.  Sister Eva has been a member for 10 yrs or so and wants so badly to go to the temple for her own endowments  but her husband has concerns about wearing garments.    We explained that they would be a protection for her as the Muslim women wear those long black robes.  He seemed so comfortable around us and when we were sick they came to see how we were doing.  She has been RS president for over 5 yrs and is one of the strongest members we've ever met.  We pray for this family to someday allow her to do this .

No title needed

We really can't give an explanation of this sign and probably wouldn't want to know. It was just such a funny saying. Use your imagination.

There is beauty all around

Even though there is such poverty here there is so much beauty. We are amazed at the beautiful flowers and trees. The greenness of the area and all the coconut trees and banana trees. Most of these pictures are taken in Bamburi which is also where a lot of the tourists stay. You will see some beautiful Hotels and the sandiest beaches anywhere around.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Latest and Greatest....

Dear Family & Friends Just a note that we are doing good. The driving here is still one of the biggest challenges. The traffic seems to be getting worse. With the vacationers and school kids coming home makes for more people out on the road. Elder Palmer told everyone that he cannot drive after dark. His eyes do not work like they use to and also his reaction time seems to be slower. But lets give him credit because they only drive here with bright lights and you have to watch for people, picky's (motor bikes) mautuo's (vans) bicycles, Tuk Tuk's (3 wheel vehicles) and carts along the way. It is very dangerous after dark and it's no picnic during the day either. So that is his refining fire. We sure miss all of you but know we are doing what we should. The spirit has really blessed us. There is many challenges here for us on this mission, but for Elder Palmer it is to tolerate the traffic and crazy drivers. Maybe thru this experience we can learn more humility. Life seems to be full of challenges doesn't it. But we know with the lord's help it will all work out. A man from Clifton sent us this quote: "Do not regret growing old, it is a privilege denied to many". I guess that is so true because Larry's mom died at 65 and his dad at 72. It use to seem so old to us but now not so much. I remember when my parents came home from the MTC (Larry's parents) it broke their hearts. I am sure that the lord has and will bless them for their efforts. Now that we are on our mission we think of them often because they were just alittle older than we are now. Maybe that is part of their blessing that we would be able to go. We don't know but we feel very privileged to be able to serve and have been soooooooooo blessed. Sometimes we wonder why we have been so favored by our Father in Heaven. I know that we have many who pray for us both in heaven and on this earth. I know that our son Zachary, Chance and both of our parents and others know about us and love us and pray for our mission. We can feel this influence daily. We miss them very much as we do our family and friends. Our puny sacrifices are nothing compared to the blessings that we will and yet receive. From time to time, especially when we experience traffic problems we become very discouraged and would love to come home. We then think of all them who are praying for us and we take courage and know that our sacrifices are so small and yet so worth it. A friend of ours Joe Schmidt wrote this while serving a mission " we go on missions thinking we are repaying our Father in Heaven by our efforts but we find that we are the ones being blessed". The lord's blessings far out number our small efforts. Isn't that the way in all things, we can never repay all that has been done for us, so we take courage in this and feel a great responsibility to do all we can do, however small it is. We feel it a great honor to serve. We love the people here and love all of you. Mom & Dad, Grandpa & grandma, friend & Elder & Sister Palmer