Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dad Playing Cards

Dad playing cards. Notice his new shirt. 

Christmas All year long

We love our tree. It will stay up until we leave.

Couples Conference

This is smiley sister Gotcher. She celebrated her 64th birthday at this meeting.

Sister Jensen who helped make all the food, she is a sweetheart.

Sister Palmer enjoying time spent with Glories Shakespeare & Nita Murdock. Couples at the nest.

Everyone sure like Elder Palmers potato pancakes.

Playing cards with other senior missionaries. Elder Palmers new shirt!

As you see, Elder Palmer enjoying his bad habit.
Elder Palmer with Elder Shakespeare. They are two peas in a pod.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sr. Couples Conference

What a nice break to go to the Sr. Couples Conference.  Turkey dinner topped it off with pumpkin and apple pie.  Just meeting these couples and seeing their desires for the area they are serving.  Also the accomplishments they are making in their area.  We had lots of food, lots of places to see, played lots of games and just good conversation. 

 The whole group together

 Elder & Sister Murdock

Elder & Sister Knecht

Elder and Sister Gotcher -the funny ones

Just all sitting around and having a lot of fun.

Played a game that was fun.  Got to know some pretty weird things about each one. 

Elder & Sister Moon.  She was the one that tackled my hair cut.  Got to give her credit.  She does her own hair and her husband does the back of it.  Pretty trusting I'd say.  Fun couple.We went shopping with them in Nairobi and they were such troopers to walk around with us

Christmas Tree... Finally!!!

Thank you we love it. It will stay up our whole time we are here. Love everyone


Alma is a seven year old boy in Changmwe Branch. He has been very sick all of his life. He has upper respiratory problems. At night and during the day his lungs fill up with mucous  In the morning his father gives him something to drink places es him over his knee and he throws up this fluid so he can breath. You can see his heart racing in his chest. Life is a struggle every day for him and his family and he weighs about as much as a feather. They have taken him to alot of the government hospitals here and they diagnose either TB or Malaria standard diagnose here for every thing. It is the only thing the people can afford. We have been communicating with the church doctor in south Africa. He has agreed to get Alma proper care so we Will know his problems and he will get proper care. This was our Christmas present for 2013 . IT has been an incredible spiritual experience . Our father in heaven truly loves all his children

Branch President, Alma and his Father

Us with Alma and his Father


School we went to. It was great to see the kids so happy
                  Sunrise orphanage school we took Christmas to. This is one of their class rooms

class room

 Missionaries with the kids 

Us and the kids they were happy to see us
This is sister Eva who is RS president in Mombassa branch. She helped hand out goodies
This is what the building looks like from the outside as we'll as the inside
This is the room where the food is prepared by sister Keffer. Notice the dirt floors