Thursday, September 26, 2013

Westgate Mall

This is a senior couple that were at the westgate mall in Nairobi at the time of the attack.  We are fine but due to Kenya being close to Somali, there is always a terrorist threat to Kenya because they don't support the terrorists.  We are not in anymore danger than we would be in a US city.    Love Elder & Sister Palmer

Pictures at the Westgate Mall taken 9/21/2013 and put on BBC (we did not know) and the other is of Ryan and Amanda who were with us before they had to catch their plane back to the US (it was put on yahoo). Ryan is running on the left and Amanda is behind him in the dark pants. They ran to a corner in the Mall opposite to where we were and got out before us and we did not know where they were. They stopped a man in a car and ask him to take them to State House and he did and they got back to the apartment. We waited about 2 hours looking for them, and then we were called and told they were safe so we caught a cab to the apartment. Our truck is still in the top parking lot at the Mall. We were inside on the floor of a cafe for about an hour or hour and ½ with the shooting going on before we got out. We are OK.                                                 


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