Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hello family and friends we are fine.There is always a threat for our safety but it is no different than around the rest of the world. We hear that a man was arrested in S.L.C who planned on going to city creek mall in S.L.C and shooting as many people as he could. Then going to a near by theater and shooting as many as he could there. So as you can see there is evil all around see all that goes on in the world . So much evil but there is also much good and righteousness in the world we see it every day here both ways but righteousness will prevail. you can see we are in the last days. So now is the time for us to prepare ourselves. So while there is much to stress over . There is much to rejoice over. Keep hope alive in you . We pray for all of you every day we love and miss you. Elder and Sister Palmer [Mom and Dad Grandpa Grandma Friend]

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