Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Latest and Greatest....

Dear Family & Friends Just a note that we are doing good. The driving here is still one of the biggest challenges. The traffic seems to be getting worse. With the vacationers and school kids coming home makes for more people out on the road. Elder Palmer told everyone that he cannot drive after dark. His eyes do not work like they use to and also his reaction time seems to be slower. But lets give him credit because they only drive here with bright lights and you have to watch for people, picky's (motor bikes) mautuo's (vans) bicycles, Tuk Tuk's (3 wheel vehicles) and carts along the way. It is very dangerous after dark and it's no picnic during the day either. So that is his refining fire. We sure miss all of you but know we are doing what we should. The spirit has really blessed us. There is many challenges here for us on this mission, but for Elder Palmer it is to tolerate the traffic and crazy drivers. Maybe thru this experience we can learn more humility. Life seems to be full of challenges doesn't it. But we know with the lord's help it will all work out. A man from Clifton sent us this quote: "Do not regret growing old, it is a privilege denied to many". I guess that is so true because Larry's mom died at 65 and his dad at 72. It use to seem so old to us but now not so much. I remember when my parents came home from the MTC (Larry's parents) it broke their hearts. I am sure that the lord has and will bless them for their efforts. Now that we are on our mission we think of them often because they were just alittle older than we are now. Maybe that is part of their blessing that we would be able to go. We don't know but we feel very privileged to be able to serve and have been soooooooooo blessed. Sometimes we wonder why we have been so favored by our Father in Heaven. I know that we have many who pray for us both in heaven and on this earth. I know that our son Zachary, Chance and both of our parents and others know about us and love us and pray for our mission. We can feel this influence daily. We miss them very much as we do our family and friends. Our puny sacrifices are nothing compared to the blessings that we will and yet receive. From time to time, especially when we experience traffic problems we become very discouraged and would love to come home. We then think of all them who are praying for us and we take courage and know that our sacrifices are so small and yet so worth it. A friend of ours Joe Schmidt wrote this while serving a mission " we go on missions thinking we are repaying our Father in Heaven by our efforts but we find that we are the ones being blessed". The lord's blessings far out number our small efforts. Isn't that the way in all things, we can never repay all that has been done for us, so we take courage in this and feel a great responsibility to do all we can do, however small it is. We feel it a great honor to serve. We love the people here and love all of you. Mom & Dad, Grandpa & grandma, friend & Elder & Sister Palmer

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