Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sister Eva

This is Sister Eva (RS president of Mombasa Branch), her husband Akram (who is a Muslim) and their family.  There son was away to college so we didn't get the whole family.   We had them over one night for pizza (which we ordered, which was 1/2 late getting here) but we sure had a good time.  Talked a lot of family and Akram's job.  He works at Tudor Sports just around the corner from us making boats.  Sister Eva has been a member for 10 yrs or so and wants so badly to go to the temple for her own endowments  but her husband has concerns about wearing garments.    We explained that they would be a protection for her as the Muslim women wear those long black robes.  He seemed so comfortable around us and when we were sick they came to see how we were doing.  She has been RS president for over 5 yrs and is one of the strongest members we've ever met.  We pray for this family to someday allow her to do this .

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