Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some People In Our Area

This banana tree is out side our veranda then also we have a coconut tree too
A view of the neighbors back yard from our veranda
this is also taken from the veranda over looking the boat dock

This next pic is of the entrance to the chapel, notice the sign

This is the wall around the chapel, it is embedded with broken bottles hoping to keep out intruders

This is a pic of the branch president in Banburi .  His name is Dolo Raphael Makaz

This is David from the Changamwa Branch.  He is the ward Clerk there.  He also has an enginer decree.  He can do plumbing and electrical  work which he has been doing at the flat.  He also works at the airport in baggage.  He makes very little.  He makes $70 a month.  Such a nice guy, he has a wife and a daughter and is very active in the church.  He wants us to learn Swahili .

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