Saturday, June 15, 2013

Primary President: Olivia Malande and 1st councilor Rose Kapinga
Sisters: Olivia Malande, Josephine Opon, and sister Rose Kapinga
Sister Florence Kanazi taking a break from cooking.  We laughed a lot

Olivia Malande-RS president and sister Josephine Opon who is a member.

We went to Bamburri and found out that it was homemaking day.  These are the sweet sisters I cooked with.The Relief Society President and 2 sisters from the primary and a member .

This first one is Relief Society President sister Florence cooking on a charcoal stove called a Jiko.  This how they cook at their homes.  They have no ovens

Every Sat. a few of the members come and clean the church for church service the next day.

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