Monday, June 3, 2013


  We went to our first branch meeting in Changomwe.  It was being held in an old run down building with several small rooms.  There were about 45-55 people.  We started with Sacrament and they asked us to bare our testimonies.  The people are so happy to be members of the church and have such strong testimonies.  The people are so loving and greet you as if your their best friend.  Your dad and I have a hard time understanding them at times because they speak so low and of course their pronunciation is different.  They were so glad to see that we have been sent here.  We visit each branch once a month.  We then went into RS and there was probably about 8-9 of us.  Sister Olsen and myself was asked to say a few words and the RS President gave the lesson.  It was wonderful.  We then headed to primary and wow, the little ones are so cute.  Boy can they sing.  They love to shake your hand and smile so big. Your dad attended priesthood with the men and he said it was a humbling experience.  We are so excited to be here although dealing with the little geicho's are not pleasant.  Not because they hurt you they just show up and scare me.  Besides that they have such long poops and I hate cleaning up after them.  They do eat bugs.  The termites are really bad here in Africa.  You would be surprised at how they leave great heaps of crap or termite mounds.  Dealing with everything is going to take some time but we know we are to be here.  Your dad is learning to drive the truck, 2009 Niassan in the worst traffic you could imagine.  There is no lights, no stop signs and the roads are in such poor condition.  You can actually touch the car next to you that's how close it is.  There is hardly a car that doesn't have a ding in it.  The people are so poor and as we continue to send some pic's you will see the poverty.  There are thousands of people roaming up and down the roads, trying to make deals and to survive each day.  Wow it was not what we expected but we see the need for the gospel in this area and all area's around.  They say we are in the cold time of the year but to us it is so hot and humid.  One good thing about the weather you never have to wear a coat.  

Misson Home in Nairobi


President & Sister Broadbent at the mission home in Nairobi

These animals were in a watering hole just outside our Motel
We saw elephants also at the watering hole

                           Mount Kilmanjaro

Entering into our 1st Safari area and pic's of animals

Your dad learning to drive our truck, which is opposite than the ones at home
You drive on the wrong side of the road and the traffic is terrible

Here Elder & Sister Olsen are helping getting the flat cleaned

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