Friday, August 8, 2014

It has been very hard to leave these people. All three of the branch presidents just sobbed as they didn't want us to go . We had David Ogula and his wife and Daughter over last night more crying it was hard . I never had a clue of how hard it would be . Your Mom said before we left that she just wanted to make a difference ! Well with the help of the holy ghost we have ! You could feel of there deep love for us and we kind of feal like a thief in the night leaving so sudden and not being able to say good by to most . We a least got to tell the branch presidents good by and composed a short letter so they could read in sacrament meeting . I told mom it would have been easier if they would have tyed me to a tree and beat me . Maybe I have all ready told you these things oh well . It has been emotionally hard. We leave in the morning to journey to Nairobi and our new assignment . We kind of look forward to it but kind of don't like starting a new mission as we know so very little of the people and the area. It is going to take a month two to figure it out and we only have a small time left. One couple said that we should extend we said that we don't think so. We are going to request that we come home the first part of November instid of the last. Keep mailing us we probably wont have a chance to Skype and it sounds like you are going to be busy any way Mom and Dad

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