Friday, August 8, 2014

 We have met the new branch Presidents of the new area we will be serving in.They are from the Kilingu Hills . It is far out in the bush were they do not have Power or Water. It is real Africa. There are five branches in this area. They are some very dedicated saints. Most live entirely off there small farms were all is done by hand and oxen. The Mission President asked the Branch Presidents to come to the mission office for training and to meet us. So they all did. When asked what time they left to take there journey to Nairobi .The branch President from Killi branch said one AM he had to leave to catch the only ride that is available At 2:00 am. The rest had to leave at around 4am to be at Nairobi at nine am. I was astounded at the dedication of these great men. No one owns there own vehicle here. I couldn't help but wounder if such a meeting were called in the states under similar conditions how many would have came.  It is a humbling experience to be in their presence. Time is getting short for us here and we have much to do and are so needed in this new area and we still have to help the Branches in Mombasa . We will be travailing quite often  in these last five months . Please continue to pray for our safety and for all the missionary's. as we pray for you daily. We know that it is by this faith and prayers we are able to be here and do the things that we have been called to do. Thank you all so much. We love you and miss you.
            Elder and Sister Palmer

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