Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Orphanage Pictures

This is the Mikindani Catholic Church Youth Training Center, This is where they distribute  Atmat that was developed at BYU for the nutrition of homeless orphan children who have been affected by the aids epidemic.  Most have lost their either both or one of their parents.  This is  sister Veronica, who is in charge of this center, she is a Catholic Nun.  She is with Elder Harris.   Elder Harris is the one in charge of this program from the church.  They also give out medication to these children.  This is an Atmat sack and the church ships containers of this to various places in Africa.  Atmat tastes kind of like cream of wheat.  It restores the nutrition that these kids need so badly and helps so the medications will work that they take.  This is Angelina with nurse Lucy mixing up the Atmat.  Each child is given a cup and sent home with a months supply.  This is sister Janet from the Chamgawe Branch  primary who was teaching them songs like once I was a snow man.  They have never seen snow before.  It was a wonderful day

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