Sunday, July 7, 2013

Indian Ocean

You will never see such white sand anywhere.  It was beautiful!  We went there after doing the laundry and had lunch.  This the Indian Ocean is where they go when the tide is out to collect shells. 

We stayed at the beach (Indian Ocean) and layed out a few blankets we had in the truck and had ourself a picnic.  The Elder's had brought a sack lunch for each one which consisted of pbj sandwich, potato chips,soda and lifesavers.  We brought fruit, water and hugh jar of cookies.  The family was so happy.  Sister Sabeancia looked better today.  We are hoping to get her body built up to have that operation she needs.  Sabeancia and myself was folding the blankets which were new and a still small voice said, ReNae she needs these.  She looked at me and said she had only 1 blanket and that she got so cold at night.  I asked her if she would like these. The look on her face was pure joy.  Many hugs were given and she looked up to the sky and said bless them, bless them.  I also felt the love of our Savior as I stood there.  The joy of service was wonderful

This is the Indian Ocean where we had the picnic with Sabeancia and her family.  Sister Jael, Sister Eva, sister Sabeancia and myself enjoying wading out in it.  It was so warm and like I said the sand was so white. What a glorious 4th of July we had. 

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