Sunday, September 14, 2014

Well here we are still in limbo . We are going to machouse tommorw and hope that we can find lodging . We have allot to do there . It is real hilly with thousands of terraced farms . We bought about 40 avocados along the road it cost us about three dollars . Were it is a big Ag area we should be able to purchase plenty of local vegetables . Oh by the way we don't have a clue what do do with all those Avocados it just sounded like a good idea at the time . They also raise allot of Mangoes. There is a grocery store in Machoes so  I hope that we don't have to come back to Nairobi very often . The farms are all small family farms consisting of about two to three acres . They live entirely off the things they raise and all labor is done by hand .   We will probably have more teaching experiences and maybe I will get wet more we will see . I am going to ask for a few days early release . I hope to be back home by the tenth or maybe a little sooner . With that in mind we only have four and one half months to go. We really look forward to seeing you all again . I know that we will miss the people but will be glad to see all of you and our friends. The British government has closed there consulate in Mombasa and urges all citizens to avoid travel to the Mombasa area . Kind of crazy but it is not any better here in Nairobi . I will be so glad to move out of here . Well we love you all .
             Mom and Dad

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