Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mombasa Branch Christmas Party

he Mombasa Branch Christmas party was a hugs success.  They held it out in a park and had in attendance around 180-200.  Members and non members were invited.

This is a picture of Hunter and Yolanda who we spent Christmas Eve with.

The game with Elder Palmer blindfolded was really the funny one. They had a lot of us women stand in a line and he was to touch and see if he could find me.  He made a great choice.

We had a tug of war which ended the women down on the ground because the rope broke in half.  They had the women against the priesthood which wasn't that fair. 

The children dressed up in a lot diff costumes than we are use to, to tell the story of the birth of baby Jesus.

The children had a wonderful time as well as the adults and ended the afternoon with many wonderful Christmas songs and even had a dance or two.  It was great fun.  Mombasa Branch really knows how to party. 
Had wonderful food, pilau (rice dish) and fruits.  I took our own utensils as they serve it without any.  Although we have learned to eat with our hands like the rest of them.  It's just this cleanliness thing Sister Palmer has.  Go Figure! 

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