Wednesday, August 21, 2013

President Makazi and Sister Agnes

This is President Makazi  and wife from Bamburi Branch.  He was so proud of his home and his family.  Their home is made of sticks and mud and have dirt floors, but as he was so proud to say he built it himself.  His wife is Sister Agnes and is around 40 yrs old.  We find a lot of them could be our children.  What ya think about that!  They have 7 children. They have a small area to plant corn, squash and what ever else.

This last picture is a tree that grow fruit and when it's ready they pick it.  We asked them if there was any monkeys there and he said no.  We also asked about snakes and he said yes.  We asked them if they were bad snakes and he said that all snakes are bad.  We asked if there were cobra snakes there and he said yes.  Go figure neither Elder Palmer or myself would live there, although the area is very beautiful

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