Sunday, May 26, 2013

MTC Pictures

 The gospel is true and the people have been wonderful. We feel we actually have the tools to go out and bring others unto Christ. The way they teach at the MTC has truly been amazing.I just wish the wards would have a sunday school class on their teaching methods. Maybe when we come back we can get that started. Our Sunday was wonderful. Sacrament started at 7:30 then we had Relief Society and Priesthood. They talked about enduring to the end and following the Spirit. What a wonderful experience this has been. Getting to know so many others going all over the world. The gospel is on fire and I feel the spirit will be strong when we follow the words of the prophet and obey. We love you all.
Pointing to Mombasa on the World map at the MTC

Elder & Sister Hansen from Pocatello going to Greece.
      Notice we were known as the Idahoans


Elder & Sister Winter from Idaho Falls going to Samoa

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